Surprising Facts About the Coronavirus


Coronavirus is a stubborn thing. Take the fact that the People’s Republic of China, with four times the population of the United States, has far fewer Covid-19 deaths, despite being the first country to face this new catastrophe.

How do the advocates of the capitalist system deal with this fact? They don’t handle; they just ignore it.

Still, according to the Coronavirus Update website, which tracks the number of cases and deaths around the world, as of June 22, the facts were:

In the USA, there are a total of 2 million 356 thousand 715 Covid-19 cases and 122 thousand 249 deaths. There are 83 thousand 396 cases and 4 thousand 634 deaths in China.

The contrast is much more pronounced when looking at population size. There are 369 deaths in the US for every 1 million people. In China, there are 3 deaths in every million.

At the beginning of May, deaths in the USA were 206 per 1 million. In just 7 weeks, the rate increased to 369 in 1 million. The numbers in China remained the same.

Just a generation ago, China was a poor country trying to develop. On the contrary, the USA has been proud of its economic and technological power for at least 1.5 centuries.

What Chinese doing to fight the Coronavirus that the US hasn’t done?

Just a few months ago we saw how the Chinese government handled the serious Coronavirus outbreak in Wuhan. The area was quarantined immediately. Tracing the contamination has been implemented. New field hospitals were established to isolate and cure the disease almost overnight.

The second wave of the Coronavirus can now be seen in China, and they are preparing to contain as effectively as in the first cases.

How do they do this? China’s strength is based on the solidarity of its people working together in times of crisis.

It is impossible to ignore the social systems behind these glaring different results. The USA is a shameless capitalist country where competition is hailed as a virtue, even though the rich have ultimate control.

The sign of the spread of the Coronavirus in the USA is the racism that surrounds this society. A recent study by the Brookings Institution on “Differences in Covid-19 deaths at the competition is much larger than it appears” concludes that “age-adjusted Covid-19 deaths for black people are 3.6 times higher than age-adjusted deaths for whites.”

The death rate of Hispanic / Hispanic people is 2.5 times higher than that of whites. Racism pits people head-to-head and is particularly evident in competition over professions. To counter this, progressives have long fought for the slogan “A profession is a right.”

China is a country transformed by a socialist revolution based not on competition, but on cooperation and human solidarity. It is not perfect. How could it be otherwise in a world still dominated by capitalist imperialism? But his response to the pandemic shows how far China has gone on a journey to transform human relations.

Cooperation and solidarity; are the greatest antidote to any natural or man-made disaster. And a socialist system develops and strengthens these qualities among people.