Sony Releases Promotional Video With Logo For PlayStation 5’s Game Boost Feature


Sony has released a promotional video about the “Game Boost” feature that allows games developed for PlayStation 4 to offer better performance on PlayStation 5. The video reveals that the company is trying to make Game Boost a brand.

Japan-based technology giant Sony mentioned, ” Game Boost ” among the features of PlayStation 5. This feature enabled older games developed for PlayStation 4 to offer much better performance on PlayStation 5. Sony, which released a new promotional video especially about it, also presented the logo of the Game Boost feature to the gamers.

The promotional video prepared by Sony for the Game Boost feature does not provide a detailed explanation of what the feature offers. The video in question is only 20 seconds. In this context, the developers, who offer snippets of games such as God of War and Ghost of Tsushima, say that these old games will offer much better performance on PlayStation 5.

Game Boost feature logo looks like this

The fact that Sony introduced a logo for Game Boost reveals that the company is on the way to branding this feature. The interesting thing is that the company has really cared about this for a while, and it seems that Sony wants to differentiate the features it offers on PlayStation 5 and make these features a brand.

By the way, it should be said that PlayStation 5’s Game Boost feature does not support all games developed for PlayStation 4. However, the company may change this situation with the studies it will do in the upcoming periods. For this, Sony needs to work on games so that it can offer Game Boost support for hundreds of games. But time will tell whether such a thing will be true or not.