Announced by the Russian game Studio GFA Games Studio, Pioner aims to be a game that combines survival and MMO elements.

Survival games have become very popular lately. The most talked-about names of this genre lately were Escape From Tarkov, Metro Exodus, and Stalker 2 games. Most players who have played and loved one or more of these games think, “What would it be like if these games came together? ”He asked.

Here Pioner is an exit game developed by the employees of GFA Games Studio, a Russian-based company that asks this question and seeks the answer. It seems that the GFA team, which does its best to realize the dreams of these players, is quite ambitious in this regard.

What kind of game is Pioner?

Pioner is a post-apocalyptic survival game. However, the game is also both MMORPG and FPS, so we play the game through the eyes of our character. The story of the game takes place on a Soviet island with a high level of technogenic anomalies away from the mainland. So we will see creatures with lots of viruses and mutations. As a former military officer who survived the disaster on the island, we will investigate mysterious cemeteries while searching for our missing friends.

You may have been familiar with what we’ve been telling you so far because very similar games have already been made. In Atomic Heart, a game of Russian origin, it had an almost similar story setup. Stalker 2, which many people are eagerly waiting for, is also a game that contains the same type of anomalies and is a survival simulation. But Pioner has a slightly different structure than these games.

What does Pioner promise us?

Unlike normal survival games in Pioner, it is stated that there will be an in-depth “Crafting” system and a very deep skill tree for the development of your character. Pioner is not an ordinary survival action game. The main purpose of this game, which will contain plenty of MMOFPS items, has been announced as ” survive and explore “.

In the game’s PvE single-player mode, we will investigate the hidden underground Soviet research laboratories and fight mutants and various pests in abandoned settlements. It is also stated that there will be 4 different local groups in the game and each group will have its own unique tasks, rewards, and weapons.

In the PVP mode of the game that will be played with more than one person, we will be chasing loot in the wastelands. We will be able to join players on-demand or fight them and confiscate their loot. Players are already excited about what the PVP episode will look like.

Expected to come out in late 2021 or early 2022:

When we look at the development process of the game, we see that the foundations were laid with Unreal Engine 4 in 2017. Although the game will have detailed graphics, it is thought that it will not be much different from the opponents due to the game engine it uses.

Pioner will make its debut between the last quarter of 2021 and the first quarter of 2022, developers say. Although it is known that the game is currently being developed for the PC, it is still a matter of curiosity whether it will be on consoles in the future.