Fast Firing Cowboy Red Kit from His Shadow Returns to the Screens Years Later


The legendary cartoon series Red Kit returns to the screens almost 30 years later. Although it is not known what the new series will offer, the generation who spent their childhood in the 90s has already started to get excited with this news.

Our readers, whose childhood passed in the 90s, are well aware of a cartoon character known as Red Kit. Red Kit, which people who were children before the 90s met mostly in the form of comics, was among the most favorite cartoons of a generation in the 90s and later. Now, years later, it has been announced that the legend of Red Kit will return to the screens again. What the brand new series will offer is currently unknown.

The production, which is undertaken by Federation Entertainment, will feature world-famous actor Michael Youn as a producer. Concrete information is currently not available with the new Red Kit series. So we don’t have a screenshot or a small trailer from the show.

The adventures of our lonely cowboy return

Red Kit focuses on the life of a cowboy named Red Kit, who gave his name to the cartoon. Known as the ” lone cowboy ” and capable of firing faster than his shadow, Red Kit also does a great job hunting criminals. In this context, Red Kit, known as the ” Dalton Brothers ” and never leaves after 4 criminal brothers with different characteristics, seems to go after these four with his lovely dog Rin Tin Tin and his loyal horse Düldül in new episodes.

It is unknown when the new episodes of the Red Kit will be ready and where these episodes will be released. However, if you want to watch the fun parts of Red Kit that have been broadcast until the new episodes are released, you can use platforms such as YouTube or Netflix.