Coronavirus updates from Instagram


Instagram announced new coronavirus updates on the epidemic known as COVID-19 to prevent false news and raise awareness of users. Medical product promotions such as masks and disinfectants were banned by Instagram for a while!

With the spread of the coronavirus updates in our country, schools and workplaces were vacationed indefinitely. For a while, social media platforms have been the means of communication for people. Of course, this also has a problem: information pollution.

One of the first steps in this regard was the popular social media application Instagram. Since the World Health Organization (WHO) declared a global emergency related to the coronavirus outbreak, Instagram has begun to work to keep people in touch and get the right information. Now, the application, which plans to prevent unfounded news on this subject, will release its new update in the coming weeks. With the update, users will see an informational message directing resources to the World Health Organization or local health ministries when they make a search for COVID-19, known as the coronavirus.

At the same time, advertisements with misleading claims such as treatment news or methods to prevent the transmission of the virus will be prevented. Instagram also uses masks, disinfectants, etc. He also stated that branded advertisements promoting vehicles will prevent the epidemic process until the end. Aiming to prevent fake news and fraud with these improvements, Instagram did not neglect to emphasize. In the coming days, Instagram will publish “Stay at Home” stickers on stories and reminders of social distance.