Can social media marketing prove its worth during the coronavirus?


Although traditional advertising channels have less place in this period, influencer marketing has found an excellent opportunity to prove its value with informative and inspiring content that it can create.

Brands should not consider content creators and influencer marketing as part of their marketing strategy, but rather as part of the brand’s creative team. The value of creators is more related to their impact on the ability to build a community with a shared interest in a particular topic and produce branded content that directly appeals to the brand’s target audience, rather than the number of followers.

The coronavirus outbreak has greatly affected the marketing structure we know. Consumers are no longer able to go to work as they wish, or often out of the home. Thus, brands have to reconsider their marketing strategies in open spaces. Increasing time spent at home has also led to a large increase in time spent online. Especially in social media, people turned to inspirational and uplifting content.

The reality is that there is great uncertainty among brands as to how to reach their target audience without appearing insensitive or opportunistic. This is an excellent opportunity for influencer marketing and content creators to prove their true worth.

How has the coronavirus changed marketing?

The UK government’s advice to stay in homes and limit all unnecessary trips naturally led to a huge drop in outdoor advertising, and brands opted to focus on digital advertising instead.

Television commercials were also affected by this situation. Many businesses prefer to cut their television advertising spending as a precaution. The cancellation of all major sports events and subsequent sports sponsorship deals leads to a television advertising market that is expected to decline in the foreseeable future.

While all this was happening, there was a huge increase in social media usage. Previously, many brands that may have opted for traditional advertising techniques chose to spend their advertising on social media and more specifically on influencer marketing.

What is the importance of influencer marketing during coronavirus?

The coronavirus surprised us all. People didn’t really take the situation seriously when the virus hadn’t spread that far. If you said earlier in the year that we would all work from home, we couldn’t get out of our homes, and the way we communicate with the world would change completely, we’d probably be laughing. It has transformed the way we work and live in unprecedented ways, affecting almost every industry and every one.

In these unprecedented times, we know it is important for brands to find new ways to reach their consumers, but first of all, it is necessary to make sure that any chosen form of marketing is suited to the situation facing everyone in the world.

Besides producing content, dealing with the logistics of how to create it when many studios are shut down and everyone is isolated is the biggest challenge many brands are facing right now.

Influencer marketing comes into play here

Content creators, many of whom are talented artists, marketers, and graphic designers, have enough capacity to create amazing content that is of equal quality to the quality of work produced in the studio.

During these times, influencer marketing offers brands the opportunity to continue creating custom content. With their ability to produce content from the comfort of their own homes, content creators are taking steps to save brands that need quality content.

Influencer marketing also proves its value in producing content associated with a brand’s target audience. Currently, brands are unsure of the type of content that will suit the situation. Content creators are best chosen to guide them. Content creators regularly engage with their community by answering questions. The creators constantly measure the mood of their audience and therefore advise brands on how to move forward.

It becomes impossible for brands to ignore the elephant in the room with the coronavirus. But they also need to be careful to create content that doesn’t seem insensitive. For many brands, this means that they do not appear to be taking advantage of COVID-19 while still trying to understand the scale of the crisis and the state of the world at the moment. The best people to create this engaging, sensitive, and niche content are creators who spend years building their communities.

E-commerce sales are more important than ever

What’s more, many brands now rely on e-commerce sales, meaning creators need to promote their products and services in an engaging and authentic way.

In the current climate, creators are best chosen to maintain customer trust and loyalty. They are some of the people who can continue to reach the masses on the devices and platforms they use every day, which are the main source of interaction with the world.

Leveraging people’s attachment to their content creators, brands felt they would help people make informed purchasing decisions in a time of intense panic and stress. However, creators now have some sort of social purpose beyond helping people buy things. These purposes; are a true source of inspiration, stability, and connection.

Proof of influencer marketing value during coronavirus

Although traditional advertising channels have less place in this period, influencer marketing has found an excellent opportunity to prove its value with informative and inspiring content that it can create. Unnecessary absence from home and travel bans have led to a dramatic decline in the value of traditional advertising methods such as out-of-home and television commercials. Meanwhile, there has been a massive increase in time spent on social media, increasing the importance given to content creators.

Content creators have proven their worth and important when working with brands that cannot access their creative studios or work with their teams as they normally would.