A New Trailer of A Quiet Place Part II Released


The final trailer of A Quiet Place Part II, written and directed by John Krasinski, has been released. Due to the postponement of the thriller, which was planned to be released on March 20, due to the pandemic, a new trailer was released shortly before the second vision date.

Due to the increasing coronavirus epidemic all over the world, there are delays in the release date of many films. A Quiet Place is one of the films that suffered from this. Many viewers were upset that Paramount’s movie, which will be released on March 20, was delayed due to the increasing number of cases. Worst of all, there was no new date for the film at that time.

A Quiet Place’s new vision date is set for May 28, 2021. With the gradual reopening of cinemas in America, great interest is expected in the film. We will see Emily Blunt again in the lead role of the movie, who tried to survive in the first movie, are with us in the sequel.

The appearance of the creatures and the great chaos

Again, our family is trying to survive in A Quiet Place Part II. The best part of the film is that we learn how these creatures, who follow the sounds and ” constrain ” people, emerged for the first time. What kind of chaos is humanity plunged into and where do the creatures come from? All questions will finally find answers.

The movie, which received quite complex comments when it was released in 2018, was liked by many cinema lovers and found marginal due to its different scenarios. Likewise, you are watching a movie and the dialogue is almost zero. The film, published in the field of drama, horror, and science fiction, has 7.5 points on IMDB.

The movie, which IMDB scoring puts in the category between ” average and good “, actually contains references in many ways. The film, which enables us to approach individuals with speech and hearing impairments with empathy, will work both walls of silence and fear up to our marrow in 2021.